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Thesis Review

All formal theses and creative projects require review by the Office of Graduate Studies and will be cataloged at the SSU Library. 

Please see Deadlines & Checklists for thesis submission deadlines. Theses are due at the same time as the Completion of Requirements (GSO2) form.

Procedure for Thesis Submission and Review

After a student's thesis has been reviewed and signed off on by a student's committee the theses should be submitted digitally to the Office of Graduate Studies, along with the Thesis Signature Form and Master's Thesis Submission Agreement.

Supplemental Information

These items may be helpful in understanding the processes of thesis review and graduation clearance at SSU.

Digital Thesis Repository - SSU Scholarworks

To access SSU's digital repository of theses navigate to Master's Theses on the SSU Scholarworks webpage

It can take up to a few months for new theses to be added to Scholarworks. Please direct any questions to

Copyright and Fair Use

To use or reproduce work that has been copyrighted, it is necessary either to obtain the permission of the copyright holder, or come within the "Fair Use" exception as defined in U.S. copyright law.

Since the law does not provide clear direction in this area, the CSU Office of General Counsel has created a document to help determine whether a proposed use of copyrighted material falls within the category of Fair Use.

Handbook of Copyright and Fair Use (PDF)