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Deadlines & Checklists

Download and use this planning overview to help you stay on track and monitor your progress through your degree, from application submission through graduation. This overview does not address program-specific requirements.

Graduate Student Planning Overview (PDF) - Updated March 2, 2022

The Degree Completion Checklist below is specifically designed to guide you through the final steps of completing your graduate program. Download and use this checklist from Advancement to Candidacy through graduation. Again, this checklist does not address program-specific requirements. Contact your department's Graduate Coordinator for program-specific questions.

Graduate Studies Degree Completion Checklist (PDF) - Updated Sep. 2022

Advancement to Candidacy forms are known as GSO1 forms. GSO1 forms are accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted promptly upon completing the requirements for Advancement to Candidacy. This form should be filed prior to enrolling in any culminating project coursework.

All Graduate students must have an Advancement to Candidacy Form on file with Graduate Studies prior to graduation.

  • Find your program's GSO1 form using the link below.
  • Digital signatures are required.
  • Make sure to get your form signed by both your supervising committee/faculty member and department graduate coordinator.
  • Submit your completed/signed form via email to
  • Your form will be reviewed by the Office of Graduate Studies and your Academic Requirement Report will reflect your Advancement to Candidacy when the form has been processed. If your change in status does not appear within 7 working days, please contact
  • Advancement to Candidacy is required in order to graduate.


GSO1 Forms by Program

In order to graduate, a student must:

  • Complete a Master's Degree Graduation Application form by the specified deadline for the semester of graduation.
  • Complete a GSO2 form and submit it by the specified deadlines seen below (Nursing students exempt).
  • Be enrolled in coursework or Project Continuation in the semester in which they intend to graduate.

If you are completing a thesis be sure to review the Graduate Studies Thesis Review for required forms and formatting guidelines.

How to change your diploma name and/or address

For the most current deadlines for the Graduation Application, please refer to the Registrar's Office's website on Graduation.

Master's Degree Graduation Application Form

The Academic Requirement Report (ARR) is found in MySSU.

Navigation: MySSU > Student Center > other academic… dropdown > Academic Requirements

For help viewing your ARR the Registrar's Office has created this video.

In order to be granted a degree your ARR needs to reflect that you have completed the General Master's Degree Requirements and the Program Requirements. Courses should either appear green or yellow by the time you file your GSO2.

You should work with your advisor if your ARR does not appear accurate and fill out ARR Update Forms as necessary, available through the ARR.

  • If you have taken a course in substitution of a requirement and it is not appearing on your ARR
  • If you believe there is an error and a requirement does not appear met you should work with your advisor to complete an ARR Update Form, available through the ARR
  • If you have taken a course outside of SSU you should follow the Registrar's directions for submitting transcripts and submit an ARR Update Form

The Completion of Requirements Form (GSO2) must be submitted to the semester you intend to graduate. See the Submission Deadlines below. 

If you are completing a Sonoma State degree with an internship or comprehensive exam, submit this form during your last semester of attendance after the coursework has been completed, the internship has been completed, or the comprehensive exam has been passed.

If you are completing a professional paper, submit this form when your paper has been read and approved by your committee.

If you are completing a thesis or project that needs clearance by the Office of Graduate Studies you must defend your thesis and get it approved by your committee. Submit your form with:

  • A digital copy of your thesis for review
  • Thesis Signature form
  • Submission Agreement

Please see Graduate Studies Thesis Review for full instructions and forms. All formal theses and all creative projects (English-MA) require review by the Office of Graduate Studies and will be cataloged at the SSU Library. 

GSO2 Form Submission Deadlines

For All Culminating Experiences (thesis, cognate, comprehensive exam, professional paper, internship, etc.)
If you want to graduate in:Submit your GSO2 and culminating experience by:
Fall 2023December 15, 2023
Spring 2024May 17, 2024
Summer 2024August 9, 2024


GSO2 Forms by Program

NOTE: If you apply to graduate but do not complete all requirements, you must re-apply for the next graduation date after having met requirements by filing a Graduation Postponement Form electronically using the link below.


  • Graduate students who have completed their coursework and who need additional time to work on their thesis or other final project must be enrolled each additional semester through one of the mechanisms specified in this policy, which is printed in the University catalog. For more information please see Continuous Enrollment Policy.


Graduation Postponement Form